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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Virtual IT Deparment Standard Edition

The Virtual IT Department Standard Edition delivers the great majority of services that you would expect in order to maintain a smoothly functioning network in your organization


Proactive Network Monitoring  We keep an eye on all aspects of your network by monitoring for errors that might be occurring without your knowledge as well as looking in at regular intervals to check the overall health of your network and equipment. We correct any errors that are found and perform the maintenance required to make sure your network is operating at peak efficiency.


Hardware Maintenance  All computers, monitors, printers, networking equipment and other common hardware infrastructure will be serviced if they fail. All aspects of returning the hardware to an operational state are provided, with the exception of the cost of replacement parts. Additionally, certain repairs require sending equipment to third parties for more complex repairs. The cost of third party repair is not included in the Standard Edition. If you are interested in including replacement parts and third party repair as part of your coverage, our Complete Edition is a comprehensive service that virtually guarantees no unexpected expenses.


Software Maintenance  All legally licensed software on all covered computers will be maintained for configuration changes, updates, patches, hot fixes or any other subscription service, such as virus definitions. The cost of upgrading to newer versions of software is additional but is included in the Complete Edition.


Network Administration The network administrator is responsible for adding users, changing passwords, assigning permissions, and managing users and their email. In addition, all aspects of the file system, including the security and maintenance of shared data and documents and ensuring that there is an appropriate level of backup protection in the event of system failure or lost data are covered.


Security There are virtually hundreds of thousands of threats that could infiltrate your network. Some are harmless, others are completely destructive. There is a lot of work to be done on the part of the major software developers to conquer this issue but in the meantime you are left to your own devices to stay on top of this. We install, maintain and monitor all currently accepted security best practices to ensure that your network remains as trouble-free as is possible. If an infection does occur, we will identify and eliminate the pest and attempt to repair any damage that may have resulted.


Disaster Recovery Perhaps the most frightening aspect of a computer network is what happens when it fails. When disaster strikes, we are standing by to get you back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data.


Help Desk Your users need somewhere to turn when they are faced with issues they can not handle. That help is only a phone call away with the Virtual IT Department. Whether they need a deleted file recovered, are having various system problems, or just need help getting around the network, our technicians are standing by to help.


Web Site Maintenance  (optional) If you don't have a website, we'll make it easy for you get and maintain a presence on the Internet. If you already do, there is an option to include the maintenance of your site through the Virtual IT Department. Just tell us what you want to see and it will be done. And if you utilize our Web Site Maintenance option we will host your site for free!


Management Services  Moving to larger facilities? Planning a major growth initiative? Looking to streamline operations? These things and others require planning, expertise and coordination on the management level to ensure successful completion. The Virtual IT Department doesn't stop at the technical level. Experienced managers are at your call to act as your CIO in assisting you with corporate planning, operations and strategy.


Proactive Management  Rather than just responding to problems after they occur, your Virtual IT Department actively monitors your systems to try to head off potential issues before they become problems.


Procurement Services  We have relationships with the major distributors in the industry and have a virtual inventory of hundreds of thousands of competitively priced items available to you the next day. We are not, however, in business to sell product. Rather, we provide this as a service to our clients so that they may receive the correct quality products at the lowest possible price all from a single point of contact. There can't be any finger pointing here.


Relationship Management  Most likely you have relationships with other technology service providers (i.e. your ISP). We act as your representative in dealing with these other organizations to make sure your business needs are being handled appropriately so you don’t have to worry about it.


Discounts on other services  As a subscriber to the Virtual IT Department, you receive a 20% discount on our standard rates for services not covered under this plan. Additionally, if we are maintaining your website hosted with us, we provide the hosting for free!

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